The following links are to companies and trade associations with activities in the area of waste treatment processing.

Swedish Environmental Protection Agency The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency is a central environmental authority under the Swedish Government. Our tasks, according to the instructions laid down by the Government, are to co-ordinate and drive forward environmental work both nationally and internationally.

Swedish EnviroNet Here you will find data and information on the Swedish environment and the environmental work in Swedish governmental agencies, companies and NGOs.

Ministry of the Environment The main task of the Ministry of the Environment is to carry out the Government?s priority tasks in the field of the environment.

Swedish Parliament Gives you access to material from and about the Swedish Parliament. Links to Rixlex (in Swedish only) with databases containing parliamentary documents and various registers dating back several years, the Swedish Code of Statutes (SFS), terms of reference for and reports of commissions of inquiry.

LIBRIS (the Royal Swedish Library) Search for literature in all our major libraries.

Swestatnet Swedish statistics on the Internet.

Ballerina An environmental network for the Baltic Sea area.

European Environmental Agency.

Environmental sites on the Internet The largest list of environmental links in Sweden, also containing international material.

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