Queen of the waste heap (Kemivärlden med Kemisk Tidskrift No. 4, 2001)
Nenna Olsson is an innovator. Her speciality is making useful products out of waste from the chemical industry. But she also has a patent for solvent-free nail polish remover. Read more (in English)!

Get plastered – then wipe it away! A pain-free, solvent-free way to remove sticking plaster (Uppfinnaren & Konstruktören No. 2, 2000)
The need for environmentally friendly products that can replace conventional solvents such as acetone and benzine is great. Nenna Olsson knows this. Last year, she launched a nail polish remover based on natural oils. Now she is developing a similar product to remove sticking plaster, which can replace medical benzine used in the health care sector. Nenna’s product dissolves all kinds of adhesives. It is sprayed onto the plaster, dissolving the adhesive almost immediately, making it easy to remove. Remains of adhesive on the skin are then wiped away with some remover on cotton wool. Many patients, especially the hairy variety, will appreciate this miraculous invention!
Read more (in English)!

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